Three Things to Look For In A Tequila…

Posted on: March 9th, 2013 by

A video clip from my upcoming dynamic article, The Evolution of The Tequila Bar, featuring Mercado restaurant and bar in the heart of Santa Monica, CA.

Marco Antonio Ramos Monterrubio, the former manager of Mercado, shares what to look for in a tequila.

“When you’re searching for a tequila you’re looking for three things:  the history behind the bottle—you can trace the pedigree of the family who makes the tequila back hundreds of years.  You’re looking for the actual juice—it has to be good.  And then, you’re looking for the label.”

“We look for labels that say this is high-quality, homemade, and something that we can teach you about so you can take the entire experience home with you and you’re going to love it.”

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